【Bilingual】SGH インバウンド観光班 フィールドワーク@シンガポール ~Fieldwork for Inbound Tourism at Singapore~



5 students (Yamazaki, Akiba, Nagai, Kawagishi, Murase) went to Singapore with Mr.Akatsuka from Jul. 31th to Aug. 3rd in order to investigate how much Singaporean knows Japan in various aspects. This stay was a student-led tour, so we faced a lot of difficulties to achieve this tour. But thanks to many people's help, we were able to get great experience. We would like to express our deep appreciation to Mr.Akatsuka and those who helped us while we were in Singapore. The schedule is as follows.


1stday: We departed from the Narita International Airport in the morning, and arrived at the Changi International Airport in the evening. After that, we had a dinner at airport, and then we went to the Hotel by maxi taxi. Airport's food court was serving many kinds of country's food. I felt that it was one of symbols that show Singapore is a multiethnic nation.


2ndday: We were going to make a survey in downtown on this day, but we could not get permission to do that from the police, so we changed the plan. We went to the Sentosa island, where we enjoyed the S.E.A. Aquarium. After that, we moved to the Marina Bay Suns by MRT (a kind of subway). We saw a great night view there.



3rdday: Firstly, We visited the Japan National Tourism Organization Singapore Office and discuss inbound tourism with the director of the office. We were able to know a real opinion of the tourism industry from a global perspective. It was a really precious time. After that, we went to National Junior College, where we took some classes and had a discussion time with students of NJC. In class, we saw lively discussion led by students. We felt the high quality of the students. In the discussion, we could think about inbound tourism objectively by using the Singaporean viewpoint.




4thday: In the early morning we left the hotel for the Changi Airport, and then we came back to Japan in the evening. Everyone who joined this tour looked tired though, they also seemed to be filled with a sense of achievement.


We could consider about inbound tourism in Japan from a Singaporean perspective through this fieldwork. We would like to improve our research by making use of the experience in Singapore.